Authors who publish their manuscripts through the Scientific Journal of Medsains agree to the following:

1. Copyright for scientific work manuscripts in this Journal is held by the Author.

2. The author surrenders the rights the first time he publishes the manuscript of his scientific work and simultaneously the Author grants permission/license with reference to Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License to other parties to distribute their scientific work while still including appreciation for the author and the Scientific Journal of Medsains as the first publication medium for the work.

3. Matters relating to the non-exclusiveness of the distribution of the Journal that publishes the author's scientific work can be agreed upon separately (for example: a request to place the work in question in the library of an institution or publish it as a book) with the Author as one of the parties to the agreement and with an award in the Scientific Journal of Medicine as the first medium for publication of the work in question.

4. The author can and is expected to announce his work in public online (for example on Repositories or on Organizational/Institutional pages) before and during the manuscript submission process, because these efforts can increase the exchange of citations earlier and with a wider scope.